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Jena .NET Framework

A .NET port of the frequently updated, well established Jena semantic web framework. Jena .NET uses the IKVM virtual machine to bring you the latest Jena package. Some highlights include:

  • Create mashups
  • Query RDF models using SPARQL and return in XML format
  • Iterate through a Jena model straight from your .NET application
  • Persist to offline storage

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RDF Studio : The Smart RDF Composition Workstation

The smart and easy linked data editing, browsing and visualization tool. It combines exceptional ease of use with powerful features that help do much of the work for you.

  • SmartRDF editor autocompletes your RDF syntax for you, with common ontology vocabularies built-in.
  • Convert between many different RDF syntaxes quickly and easily.
  • Visualize the data you are viewing and export for others to look at.
  • SPARQL querying, with autocomplete and verbose feedback to help you refine and correct your queries.
  • Easy to use views of the classes and properties in your data or ontology that update with your changes.


Ingenious Framework : Semantic Web Development Made Simple

Ingenious Framework is the ultimate .NET software stack for building next generation, open-world applications using a uniquely simple and easy to use syntax for building, storing and accessing RDF triple data (the data format used by the semantic web).

Not only a serialization library for RDF, it offers a complete intelligent data access layer coupled with a lightweight MVVM (Model View View-Model) library to give you all you need to start using the semantic web natively in your .NET applications using modern best practices.

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