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  • What is Jena .NET?

    Jena .NET is .NET port or the well-established open source Jena library. Jena is natively a Java library, and so Jena .NET uses the IKVM virtual machine to expose the Jena class framework to the .NET CLR.

    What does this mean? It means that as new updates to the Jena library are released by the active Jena working group, these new updates and associated benefits can immediately get integrated into the Jena .NET library.

  • Where can I find documentation and support?

    The Jena API Reference is already available at SourceForge. We are developing a series of tutorials in addition to these focussed on Jena .NET and using it within Visual Studio.

    There is also technical support available via our community forum.

  • How much does it cost?

    Jena .NET, like Jena, is free and released under its BSD license which you should read and understand before downloading or using the library.

  • Where can I download the sourcecode?

    Strictly speaking there is no .NET sourcecode (whether C# or VB) for Jena .NET, as it is compiled from the Java sourcecode. Therefore, you should look at the sourcecode at the Jena library SourceForge site.

  • I have a question/suggestion. Where can I get support?

    Technical support is available via our community forum. It is also the place where you can make suggestions or improvements for this site, or the library. All comments are welcome.

  • What is the performance difference between Jena .NET and Jena (Java)?

    Jena .NET has been tested with 1000s of unit tests. Using a console application running the original Jena unit test package, there is a small performance cost of approximately 15-17% (see our partner blog entry for further details).

    Even with this performance difference however, note that this is not a like-for-like test, and the actual performance difference is likely smaller.

  • How do I use Jena .NET in my Visual Studio projects?

    Simply reference the LinkedDataTools.JenaDotNet.dll assembly from your project. Then, you will have access to the full Jena API as provided by the Jena library.

If you have any other questions, please post on our community forum using the appropriate category.



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