RDF Studio Help & Support

If you are completely new to RDF Studio, we recommend you begin with the Quick Start Tutorial that will quickly show you the basics.

Spotlight Tutorials

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When you are ready to dig deeper into particular features, we recommend you continue with our spotlight tutorials, which offer step-by-step guides that focus on particular aspects of the functionality RDF Studio offers.

  • Query Using SPARQL - shows you how to use RDF Studio's unique autocompleting query engine to query your semantic model.
  • Build A Basic Ontology Using The SmartRDF Editor - how to build a simple ontology that uses a number of major commercial and academic vocabularies, using our unique autocompletion engine to help you choose the right terms for your ontology.
  • Transform Between Different RDF Syntaxes - once you have built your ontology, what happens if you want to view it in a different syntax to the one you used to write it? It's easy to view your model in many different flavors of RDF. We show you how.


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